Chefs to End Hunger

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Salinas, CA, to Hayward, CA

By Jane Lee September 9, 2020

On September 4th, The Farmlink Project helped connect 25,000 pounds of mixed produce from Taylor Farms to Chefs to End Hunger. 

In 1995, Bruce Taylor and several partners came together and founded Taylor Farms in Salinas, California. Taylor Farms’ envisions “creat[ing] healthy lives through our product offerings, processes, and people.” Taylor Farms also strives to make a positive environmental impact to help preserve a healthy world for future generations. Through working with care and purpose, the company has expanded and now operates with 20,000 employees, currently ranking as one of the world's largest processors of fresh-cut vegetables. The Farmlink Project has worked with Taylor Farms many times before and hopes to continue working with them in the future. This produce will serve families with high-quality vegetables and will continue to fulfill Taylor Farms' goal of positively impacting people’s lives. 

On the receiving end of this delivery, Chefs to End Hunger is a nonprofit food recovery organization located in Hayward, California. In 2012, Vesta Foodservice, a regional wholesale distribution company, created Chefs to End Hunger. The foundation aims to use the thousands of relationships they have fostered with different foodservice operators to facilitate the recovery of surplus food, diverting it to regional charitable partners where it can be redistributed to the communities in need instead of going to waste. COVID-19 has had significant effects on Chefs to End Hunger. As quarantine began, the amount of surplus food they recovered increased due to business closures and food operators liquidating their kitchens. Program director at Chefs to End Hunger Brette Waters stated, “For about 60 days at the beginning of stay at home with COVID-19 we recovered about 25 percent of our total recovery efforts in 2019.” However, the number of surplus food donations declined as wholesale businesses adjusted their inventory. The surplus market soon contracted because most businesses that produced food remained closed. The food that The Farmlink Project helped connect to Chefs to End Hunger from Taylor Farms will be sent to their agency partners in the Bay Area specifically: Alameda County, Santa Clara County, and Contra Costa County and distributed to people in need. The Farmlink Project has consistently worked with Chefs to End Hunger in the past and hopes to make many more deals with them going forward. 

The Farmlink Project would like to thank Taylor Farms for their dedication to their work in the fresh produce business and generally having a positive impact on the world. The Farmlink Project would also like to thank Chefs to End Hunger for their commitment to reducing waste and supplying food to people in need.