Children's Hunger Fund

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Southern California and Texas

By Rebecca Isaacson July 15, 2020

Over the past six weeks, The Farmlink Project has helped deliver 192,000 pounds of salt from Morton Salt, 120,000 pounds of onions from Jensen Farms in California, and 99,000 pounds of mixed produce from Taylor Farms in California to Children’s Hunger Fund in Southern California and Texas.

Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) partners with churches and other organizations in impoverished communities to bring aid to children and families both domestically and internationally. CHF began in a garage in 1991 and has since grown to serve over 1.4 billion dollars’ worth of food, emergency aid, and services to approximately 319 million people across 72 countries. The California-based organization provides families with a 20-pound “Food Pak” of non-perishable items—enough to supplement the nutritional needs of a family of four for a week—as well as fresh produce. 

The CHF organization prides itself on fostering personal connections and relationships between volunteers and family recipients. Volunteers pick up food at the CHF warehouse and distribute it directly to the homes of those in need within their communities—a system that helps maintain the dignity of the family recipients and creates lasting change through the relationships built between volunteers and families.

Senior Coordinator of Relationship Development at CHF, Lauren Bradley, acknowledged the “devastating impact of COVID-19 on food insecurity here in LA and around the world.” She explained that with so many citizens in LA County facing recent unemployment, local food banks struggle to keep up with demand. The need at food banks usually increases during the summer every year, as schools no longer provide students with daily meals, but the early school closures caused by COVID-19 in conjunction with the rising unemployment rates have made this issue of food insecurity in children “exponentially worse.”

Similar to other organizations and businesses, CHF has adapted creatively to the COVID-19 era. In addition to their regular food services, CHF also feeds thousands in LA County every week through a new drive-through system of distributing food pallets. As an organization that prioritizes families, CHF ensures that 96 percent of all donations go directly to programs serving suffering children and families. At The Farmlink Project, we are proud to partner with such an inspiring organization and grateful to Morton Salt, Jensen Farms, and Taylor Farms for providing produce to children and families nationwide.