Farmlink Mexico

By Olivia Groell

April 9, 2021

Pictured above are some beautiful bright green limes from Farmlink Mexico’s very first delivery!

Farmlink Mexico partnered with Grupo Paisano, and the farmers this business supports, to deliver over 30,000 pounds of limes to Banco de Alimentos (BAMX) Veracruz this past December. The food bank then distributed these limes to people in Boca de Uxpanapa, Mexico. Following this delivery, there were several other deliveries of limes and papayas, facilitated by Farmlink Mexico, from Grupo Paisano to BAMX over the course of December and January. Overall, Farmlink Mexico has helped deliver almost 256,000 pounds of fresh fruit to Mexicans in need since its inception!

Who has made all this happen? The Farmlink Mexico team consists of less than ten members, including Andrew Hojel and a couple of other internal members of The Farmlink Project, as well as a few who operate from Mexico, according to Andrew. He further explained the team’s collaborative partnership with Grupo Paisano and Banco de Alimentos:

“We work really closely with Grupo Paisano—so they notify us of surplus and then we negotiate a good price. We then book a trucking company to move that to the nearest BAMX foodbank! Then we keep in touch with the food bank over WhatsApp for updates...They tend to send pictures and explain where they sent the food to in terms of communities.”

The Farmlink Project is thrilled to have a team making an impact in the food rescue space internationally and helping to feed food-insecure families in Mexico. We are grateful to the Farmlink Mexico team, as well as Grupo Paisano and Bancos de Alimentos de México, for making this possible. Don’t forget to check out our Farmlink Mexico webpage!