Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Camden, NC, to Raleigh, NC

By Sydney Loeper July 10, 2020

The Farmlink Project connected John E. Ferebee Farming Inc. in Camden, North Carolina to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, located in Raleigh, NC to deliver 40,000 pounds of potatoes on July 8th. 

Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina has served around 600,000 individuals in 34 counties in central and eastern North Carolina for 40 years. The mission of Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC’s is simple: “Nourish people, Build solutions, Empower communities” to make sure no family goes hungry. 

Carter Crain, Director of Food Partnerships, stated that as COVID-19 cases climbed, they have seen a 35 percent increase in demand for their services from locals. Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC has more available space for fresh produce, but they have needed to adapt to less available shelf space for packaged food. Back in June, The Farmlink Project assisted with a delivery of 2,500 pounds of kale, peaches, cucumbers and onions to their Durham, NC branch. 

Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC appreciates the support of their community—volunteers from the area will repackage the incoming delivery of potatoes that will be shipped to 900 of their agencies across 34 counties. This large food distributor has had to “get creative” to limit the number of volunteers interacting with each other by working outside and in shorter shifts; even the National Guard has assisted with their food repacking.

Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC are affiliate members of the nation’s leading hunger relief program, Feeding America. Carter stated that Feeding America has become, “more thoughtful to restart the conversation” when it comes to domestic hunger and “bring awareness to the issues we have, while also connecting nonprofits to farms to minimize food waste and get food to the people that need it.” Carter is “appreciative of the farmers” who allow them to continue their mission and provide good food to good people. The Farmlink Project thanks John E. Ferebee Inc. for their potato delivery and also the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC for distributing fresh food to the thousands of individuals that need it most.