Food Not Bombs

Updated: Nov 3, 2020


By Olivia Groell and Christina Knight

June 28, 2020

Meg Ferrigno, working through the four West Philly Food Not Bombs chapters, helped distribute 81,000 eggs to local food giveaways in parks and contact-free distributions throughout Philadelphia. Meg took on this task single handedly, arranging the meet up locations and communicating directly with The Farmlink Project. This many eggs would be hard to manage, but, as she explained, when Meg received a phone call from one of the Farmlink Project team members saying, “Do you have any use for millions of eggs?” she could not refuse. 

Meg and other volunteers disseminated 16,200 eggs to Montco Anti-Hunger Network (nine local organizations), 54,000 eggs to two Food Not Bombs chapters in black and refugee communities, and 10,800 eggs to a local cluster of three churches. Food Not Bombs, an organization created by Keith McHenry in the 1970s, originated as an anti-Vietnam war effort, urging America to reconsider the defense budget and spend more money on local citizens.

Now, Food Not Bombs serves communities nationwide. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic and the surge of BLM protests have increased the need for Food Not Bombs in Philadelphia. Meg and other Food Not Bombs members used these eggs and other provisions to help feed BLM protesters on the streets of Philadelphia. Meg described riding a small bike-trailer through throngs of people and handing out sustenance to tired and grateful protesters. They also set up pick-up trucks with food at peaceful rally spots. Meg said that she wanted to make sure these people were energized and nourished. 

Meg also used some of the eggs to help feed the individuals at the Ahimsa house she runs. Ahimsa means nonviolence in Sanskrit, and the Ahimsa house that Meg started provides shelter and protection to individuals in need. Ahimsa follows a philosophy of rescuing food that would otherwise be wasted. Unknown to Meg at the time, this delivery saved the chickens on High Family Farms from being culled, extending the Ahimsa energy of peace across the entire delivery.