Jacobs and Cushman Food Bank

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Los Banos CA, to San Diego, CA

By Jane Lee August 11, 2020

On Tuesday, August 4th, The Farmlink Project helped deliver 40,000 pounds of onions from Owyhee Produce to The Jacobs & Cushman Food Bank. 

Based in Los Banos, California, Owyhee Produce is a family business run by three generations passionately working side-by-side to achieve the goal of growing quality onions for their customers year-round. The company believes in the importance of building strong connections with those who consume their produce. Loyalty and trust are also instilled in customers because the farm is truly committed to its work and operates with pure intentions. The Farmlink Project has worked with Owyhee Produce many times in the past and continues to help deliver their onions to a variety of food banks across the country.  (Read more about our work with Owyhee Produce here)

Located in San Diego, California, Jacobs and Cushman Food Bank operates numerous hunger relief and resource programs. The food bank brings in produce from a variety of sources including locally-run food drives, the USDA, growers, retailers, and wholesalers. When the food arrives at the warehouse, volunteers sort the produce by food groups and then package and prepare it for distribution to the community. The food bank provides food directly to families and people in need in over 200 distribution sites throughout the county. They also distribute to nonprofits including soup kitchens, shelters, churches with feeding programs, schools, senior and disabled living facilities, and food pantries. Normally, Jacobs and Cushman Food Bank serves an average of 350,000 people per month in San Diego County. However, due to the effects of COVID-19, the food bank now serves an average of 600,000 people per month. The Foodbank also started a “Super Pantry” program that exclusively provides for those affected by COVID-19. Super Pantries are based around San Diego County and provide contactless food distribution in both “drive-thru” and “walk-up” forms. The pandemic has also brought in a surplus of people who want to help give back. For example, the food bank formed partnerships with multiple chain restaurants to create donation programs that help fund distributing food to those affected by the pandemic.

The 40,000 pounds of onions The Farmlink Project helped deliver from Owyhee Produce to Jacobs and Cushman Food Bank will help them continue to provide  food to families and individuals in need. The Farmlink Project would like to thank Owyhee Produce for working hard year-round to grow fresh produce and to Jacobs Cushman Food Bank for their consistent dedication to distributing food to those in need.