Strebin Farms to The Armory

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Troutdale, OR, to San Jose, CA

By Sydney Loeper

June 28, 2020

Over the last month, The Farmlink Project team has delivered a total of 80,000 pounds of potatoes and onions from Strebin Farms to The Armory Food Bank in San Jose, California. Strebin Farms has provided potato deliveries to other food banks in Oregon and California since June, and this is The Farmlink Project's second delivery to The Armory; the first delivery was from Owyhee Produce in Oregon. So far, The Farmlink Project has delivered over 990,000 pounds of produce to food banks across California. 

Strebin Farms, located in Troutdale, Oregon, was founded in 2007. In the last 13 years of operation, Strebin Farms has expanded to include a few different distributors, including South Basin LLC in Umatilla, OR and Strebin Farms-LA. The farm mainly grows different varieties of potatoes. The Armory Food Bank runs through a nonprofit called SVCreates—an organization that raises awareness and fosters a sense of community towards the arts and culture in California. This potato delivery from Strebin Farms has helped The Armory provide over 66,500 meals to families lacking access to fresh food. The Farmlink Project is incredibly grateful to Strebin Farms, The Armory, and our supporters for making this delivery possible.