Table to Table NJ

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

New Jersey

By Abby Donnelly July 28, 2020

Feeding four New Jersey counties and partnering with a myriad of national organizations, Table to Table is a food distributing powerhouse. The nonprofit started 21 years ago and has now expanded to providing food everywhere—from senior citizen centers to children’s lunchboxes. 

Table to Table serves four New Jersey counties: Bergen, Essex, Hudson and Passaic. They deliver food from over 150 donors and redistribute it to over 200 community organizations daily. 

The standard routine of Table to Table is a constant reminder of the little luxuries of food. Many wouldn’t think twice about pouring milk into breakfast cereal every morning.  But at one Table to Table delivery, an elderly man licked his lips at the sight of milk, saying, “I haven’t tasted milk in so long.” Every delivery provides much more than a meal—for many, it's a gift. 

With The Farmlink Project, Table to Table distributed 35,228 pounds of 1% milk from MIMCO-Balford Farms to communities throughout New Jersey. For reference, a gallon of milk weighs roughly 8.6 pounds, making the delivery a total of around 4,096 gallons of milk. This product will go on to families facing food insecurity who potentially only receive milk and other necessities sporadically through Table to Table and other similar programs. 

From infancy to adulthood, drinking milk is a routine healthy habit. What happens when it is too expensive? Many wouldn’t notice milk's daily impact until it was stripped away. 

Though people often take milk for granted, milk provides an unparalleled nutritional value in a simple beverage. Loaded with calcium and vitamins, milk is a source of crucial nutrients that many food insecure individuals lack. Redistributing this product is not only offering a glass of milk, but also an opportunity to replenish these deficits. 

The work of Table to Table is a collective effort of people from all walks of life. There are students at schools preparing lunches for their peers. There are delivery men who at some points relied on the food they delivered. It is a community coming together every day for their neighbors in need. 

The power of Table to Table and The Farmlink Project together illustrates  a tangible manifestation of the passion of individuals to make a daily difference. One gallon of milk can carry a huge impact for an individual or family. 

Until there is not a need, Table to Table will keep working. Though the end goal is to erase the devastation of hunger, Table to Table recognizes the growing demand has only made them stronger. With 21 years behind them, they will only grow and serve more people, families and communities in the years to come.