You can make a difference today.

No matter how big or how small, everyone has the ability to make a difference. Every dollar raised will allow us to deliver 10 pounds of food to people in need. Get creative, have some fun, and help The Farmlink Project feed families across America!

make things happen.


Step 1.


Start a Fundraising Campaign

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1 in 5 Americans identified as food insecure in April 2020, while 1.32 billion pounds of surplus food have been wasted between March and May.

It takes just a few minutes to start a campaign, but every donation made could change a life forever.

Step 2


Personalize your Fundraiser


Your fundraiser should be uniquely your own! Upload a profile photo, set your fundraising goal, and even add a custom message for your fundraiser.

Remember, every dollar raised will allow us to deliver 15 pounds of food to people in need. That means $100 dollars can help us feed a family of four for an entire month!

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Step 3.

Once you’ve set up a fundraiser, spread the word!

  1. Send out an email blast to friends and family

  2. Publicize it on Social Media

  3. Track to see your progress!

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Ready? Get your fundraiser started today.


Want to see where your money is going?


Check out our Impact page for updates on the communities we serve and the amazing people we’ve worked with along the way.